Audio & Video Distribution

Music and video can be delivered to all or any part of the home. High-energy tunes may be playing in the gym, classical music in the library and radio at the poolside all independently, while the home theatre is being used to view the latest blockbuster. Alternatively for a party the same sound track can be played everywhere.

Centralised audio and video servers distribute the performances on demand in audiophile quality, all controlled from keypads and touch screens without the need for separate hi-fi systems in every room. The user may select what they want to listen to or watch by genre, artist, title, and track or simply select a pre-defined play list to suit a mood or ambience. As new CDs and DVDs are added to the audio and video server they are categorised and added to the appropriate play list, the track lists can even be downloaded from the Internet automatically.

Speakers can be discreetly housed in the ceiling or walls, colour coded to match the room's decor, all cabling hidden and equipment centrally located to ensure this powerful audio and video entertainment centre remains unobtrusive.

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