Home Automation

V2D Convergence is a cutting-edge leader in the deployment of home automation systems in Nigeria. 

We have successfully deployed diverse kinds of home automation & entertainment systems for various kinds of households across Nigeria. They include audio & video distribution systems and controls, whole house music systems, motorised tvs and projector screens, home cinema, light controls, ac controls, surveillance systems, security systems, video door bells and intercoms and so much more!

Our customers find our solutions cost-effective, easy to use and unobtrusive. Our Entertainment and Control System can be configured to do as much, or as little as you want. You may choose to start by automating a portion of the home or an aspect of your home electronics and easily add more components across your home as the budget becomes available. We are happy to disucss your requirements and help you workout a solution that fits into your budget.

We have partnered with industry leaders across the world to bring world-class smart home experiences to Nigerian homes. Our control systems are scalable, maintenance free, robust and integrates with a wide range of home electronic devices. There is something for various budgets.