Light Controls & Automation

audio distribution and audio integration

Wired Light Controls

Wired light controls driven by a KNX automation system guarantees there's no interruption, and zero lags in your light circuit. Lights come on an go off in realtime as you touch the controls on the wall or on your phone.

Wireless Light Controls

Whether it's z-wave, radio frequency (RF), wireless KNX or IP our wireless light control solutions are perfect for retro fit installations which do not require you to breakwalls or rerun wires or change light circuit wiring. It's as simple as "plug-n-play".

Light Controls

Asides the standard light switches on the wall, control your lights from a mobile device whether you're home or on vacation overseas. Turn off all lights in the a specific part of the house or the entire house. It's all up to you!

Voice Controls - Alexa!

"Alexa turn on living room spotlight!" and instantly your lights come on. Alexa dim dinning chandelier to 50%!" and your dimmable chandelier instantly reduces brightness to half it's capacity. Your voice is now an interface. Use it!

Light Scheduling & Automation

Intelligently schedule lights to come on/off at specific times in specific places. Get things more intersting by automatically increasing the brightness of your dimmable porch lights from 10% to 75% when it detects human presence and returning to 10% afterwards.