HD TV & Video Distribution

hd tv and video distribution

High Definition TVs/Displays

See clear, crisp, sharp and stunning images of your favourite TV shows, movies, games or home made videos on any kind of high definition (HD) display: 720p, 2K, 4K, UHD, 8K, etc. Our systems play well with every kind of high defintion display unit.

TV Lifts, Storage & Concealment

Transform your living space dynamically by concealing your TV displays when you don't need it. Select and application that requires a TV and your screen emerges via a pop-up tv lift in a box or in the floor, a drop down tv lift from the ceiling or anywhere else you may prefer.

Video Distribution Systems

Centralise, distribute and control your video sources. Feed all your video sources through a video distribution matrix and view them from anywhere in the house. Our systems ensure your HD/UHD/4K/8K content make it all the way to your tv. True end-to-end HD infrastructure!

Video Source Integration

Integrate all your video sources for a rich viewing experience. Eg: Apple TV, Amazon Fire, DVD/Bluray, DSTV and other cable tv products, online streaming services such as Netflix, Apple Movies, Amazon movies, etc.

Video Controls

Control all your video sources from one remote control with our award winning, easy-to-use interface. Select your desired video source and the interface instantly changes to the remote control for the selected source. You will never need more than one remote control.